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After more than half a century of establishment and development, SCC (Saigon Cosmetics Joint Stock Company) has firmly established itself as one of the leading cosmetics manufacturers in Vietnam.

Expanding SCC's presence abroad is not only a business opportunity but also an important step demonstrating the perseverance and dedication of the business. SCC clearly demonstrates the importance of dedication in maintaining and strengthening its position as a leader in the cosmetics sector.

SCC not only stands out with its quality but also with its unique creativity in choosing precious ingredients, understanding and best reflecting the essence of perfumery art. Close cooperation with leading perfume houses is an important source of encouragement, helping us constantly create unique and classy fragrances.

A trusted partner like the Pochet team not only plays an important role in ensuring quality, but also helps highlight and celebrate the value of each product.

At SCC, each element is cared for and prepared with great dedication, promising to bring customers a unique perfume experience, combining delicate fragrance and artistic creativity. We are not only proud of the dynamism of our staff but also set high goals, applying working procedures according to ISO 9001:2015 standards to ensure each product is of the highest quality.

The emphasis placed on research and development is a manifestation of our commitment to innovation, delivering cosmetic products that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future trends. We pride ourselves on a comprehensive quality control process, from raw material selection to production and packaging, ensuring that each product achieves perfection.

The team at SCC is alive to its mission of quality control, they are proud to be contributors to the creation of top quality products on the market. SCC is proud to be considered a leading partner in Vietnam in the field of providing perfume, shampoo, shower gel and home care products.

Close cooperation with the world's leading perfumers has been a constant source of encouragement and innovation, helping us create unique and unmistakable fragrances. Our reputation is not only a pride but also a motivation to constantly strive and maintain class in the field of providing high quality products. Our products are not only the result of advanced production technology but also a wonderful blend with the creativity of perfumers, promising to bring a wonderful experience to users.

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